Our 3 Favorite Booty Band Exercises You Can Do At Home

Heading into Summer we are all looking to give our booty a little extra love. Here are some of our favorite booty exercises that you can do at home. For these exercises you will need a Booty Band. We recommend trying out a lighter Booty Band and moving up levels as you get stronger and more used to the exercises. Click here to check out our recommendation.


Basic Squat with Booty Band:

For the exercise, step into the Booty Band bringing it up over your knees. Step your feet a little wider than hip width apart. Relax your shoulders back and down keeping your chest open. Keeping your knees centered over your toes and some tension on the Booty Band, start to bend your knees sending your booty back. Be sure that you are keeping your weight in your heels and that you could wiggle your toes in your sneakers. See picture below. We recommend starting with 20 reps and building up from there.

squats with booty band


Hip Thrusts with Booty Band:

For this exercise move the booty band up around your knees. Begin by lying down on your back with your feet flat on the ground, your knees over your toes and your arms down by your sides. Start to tuck your tailbone under and up until your hips lift up off the ground. Keep your knees over your toes in order to keep tension on the Booty Band. Move your hips up until they make one diagonal line with your knees at the top and your shoulders at the bottom. Squeeze your booty and hold for several seconds before releasing back down to the ground. See picture below. We recommend trying 10-15 reps to start and building up from there.

hip thrust with booty band

Donkey Kicks with Booty Bands:

For this exercise you will be on your hands and knees with your Booty Band just above your knees. Keep your hands underneath your shoulders and your belly tight taking out a deep sway in your lower back. Start by kicking your right leg upwards, leading with your heel and keeping your leg bent. While you do this be sure to hold your body tight taking out any excess movement. See photo below. We recommend starting with 15-20 reps each side and then building up from there.

donkey kicks with booty band