How It Works

Cycling can be rough on the Booty and other parts of the body that experience chaffing, friction and rubbing.  If you love taking cycling classes or are a recreational, or professional cycler, chances are you have experienced the very uncomfortable saddle sores.  Saddle Sores are caused by the friction, heat and perspiration of consistent cycling and can be painful because of constant chafing and rubbing. Cycle Booty's healing, anti inflammatory, anti bacterial and deep moisturizing properties work to alleviate these painful issues and keep you riding strong! Cycle Booty can also be applied for relief to any part of the body that experiences chaffing. Some common areas include: upper thighs, under breasts, nipples, and underarm areas and creases. 
Here are some other things that you can do to help prevent and combat dreaded saddle sores and chafing:
-Remove wet sweaty clothes immediately after workout.
-Shower and thoroughly cleanse immediately after a workout.
-Do your best to always keep affected areas dry and clean
-Make sure your bike fit is adjusted properly
-Wear loose breathable clothing when not working out.
-Take a day or two off 
-Consult a doctor if problem persists
-Not tested on animals
-Made in the USA of responsibly sourced global ingredients
-Made with 100% certified sustainable Palm Oil
-Paraben Free